DPP New Taipei mayoral candidate Lin Jialong (who wears a black vest) was asked today if he was worried that senior media person Zhou Yukuo's support for the election would impact the election. Zhou Yukou was not cut for this reason.

(Photo by reporter Wei Jinyun)

[Reporter Wei Jinjun/New Taipei Report] Veteran media personality Zhou Yukou caused a stir for days. The Democratic Progressive Party Taipei mayoral candidate Chen Shizhong's campaign team came up with three main points to avoid the issue of "voting for Chen Shizhong is to support Zhou Yukou".

In response to concerns that Zhou Yukou's support for the election might affect the election situation, Lin Jialong, a candidate for the mayor of New Taipei City from the Democratic Progressive Party, responded "on the case", emphasizing that people from all walks of life are welcome to discuss New Taipei City's policies or issues, and Zhou Yukou has not been cut off because of this.

Lin Jialong was interviewed this morning when he held the "New Taipei Green Transportation Flagship Plan Policy Announcement Press Conference". When asked by the media, Chen Shizhong's campaign team made a trilogy for Zhou Yukou. Has the Lin Office also formulated a related strategy?

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Lin Jialong responded that democratic elections hope that everyone can discuss public issues, especially the development of municipalities, as long as the rights of voters can be improved, and good policies can be proposed for the development of cities and countries, "We hope to have more discussions, So we're not targeting specific people."

Lin Jialong emphasized that the most important thing is that New Taipei City really needs everyone to discuss what kind of difficulties it has encountered in its urban development in the past 10 years and what needs to be renovated.

The media asked, Zhou Yukou went to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office yesterday to apologize to former Miss China Zhang Shujuan, which caused a lot of hype. She also said on Facebook that she would help in the mayoral election of New Taipei. Is she worried that her presence will affect the election?

Lin Jialong responded that "it's a matter of fact", like the Enen case, the media should continue to pay attention, and other policies or issues, "We all welcome people from all walks of life to discuss more about New Taipei City."