Zhongjiebian is the strongest school bus!

Thousands of students from Mingdao Middle School take the MRT to and from school every day, and there are 26 fewer school buses in the new school year.

(Photo: provided by the city government)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan / Taichung Report] The Taichung MRT Green Line was officially opened to traffic on April 25 last year. This month, the number of passengers has exceeded 10 million. Schools passing along the line have benefited greatly. Among them, thousands of students from Mingdao Middle School change to take the MRT every day. The number of school buses has been reduced from 127 to 101 this school year, a reduction of 26 vehicles. Principal Wang Dajiu said that students take public transportation, which not only saves energy and carbon, but also saves money. He hopes to promote it again. The goal is to let the school The number of school buses can be reduced to 80, making the first MRT in Central Taiwan the "strongest school bus".

Wang Djiu said that because the school is only a 7-minute walk from the Jiude MRT station, on the first day of the MRT trial operation last year, he rode a public bicycle to the MRT station for a test ride, but after entering the MRT carriage, he only saw three Mingdao. Students take the MRT to go to school. After the experience, they found that the MRT is fast and the time to school is effectively shortened. When school was over that day, he broadcasted to all the teachers and students of the school, "I can take the MRT home from school today, and I can leave class 10 minutes earlier." On the same day, more than 500 students rushed out of the classroom with their schoolbags on their backs to start their first experience of taking the MRT.

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After that, students experienced the convenience of being on time by the MRT. Wang Dajiu said that up to now, thousands of students have taken the MRT to go to school every day. Relieving the traffic load on Zhongshan Road in front of the school will be of great help to traffic order and air quality. He hopes to promote it and encourage students to use public transportation more, with the goal of reducing the number of school buses to 80.

The Transportation Bureau pointed out that in addition to Mingdao Middle School, there is also a "Mandarin High School Station" along the line. Students are the majority of passengers during commute to and from school. A sophomore student Zhang praised that there is a MRT station in front of the school. He doesn't have to worry about being late at the traffic lights when he gets on the bus, so he can get to school smoothly.

The Transportation Bureau pointed out that in cooperation with the students of the schools along the line to use the MRT to get to and from school, it is currently cooperating with Mingdao Middle School and the iBike Multiplier Program. Tools; the public bicycle rental station at Huiwen High School is also a popular site with a high turnover rate, with an average of nearly 200 people riding iBikes to and from school every day.

Lin Zhiying, chairman of Zhongjie, said that in line with the scheduling of peak train times such as commuting to school and commuting, MRT departures are 6 minutes and 50 seconds away from peak hours on weekdays, 9 minutes and 30 seconds off peak hours, and 262 shifts a day; holidays; The class distance is 10 minutes throughout the day, and there are 223 shifts a day, providing a 99.99% on-time rate, allowing students to travel to and from school with more peace of mind.

The punctuality rate of Zhongjie attracts students and office workers to use it during peak hours.

(Photo: provided by the city government)