In Russia, in order for a strategic nuclear strike to take place, the decision must be made by five people.

This was told by a military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

Petro Chernyk

 on the 

Youtube channel of TSN


"Putin cannot take and call a missile carrier somewhere in the ocean and say, 'Ivanov, fire, because I need it.'" No, this is a very complex and serious decision-making procedure that has a long chain. failure. Not everything is as bad as it looks at the moment," the expert noted.

Chernyk made a historical analogy.

The colonel is a supporter of the version that the Radan dictator Stalin was "removed" by his own associates, because he was planning a nuclear strike.

"There is a conspiracy theory that Beria "removed" Stalin because he was preparing a strategic nuclear attack. I am a supporter of this version. A number of historians claim that this is why this internal mutiny took place. However, Khrushchev outplayed Beria and also took his life," he says expert.

The colonel does not rule out that a similar scenario may repeat itself in modern Russia.

"Could it be in Russia? Why not? The work of American intelligence agencies cannot be underestimated, and the Chinese element is also present here," he concluded.

Previously, Petro Chernyk told what the consequences of a nuclear attack would be and whether they can be prevented.

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