Yang Wanjin violated the discipline to run for the mountain natives of the 13th electoral district of New Taipei City.

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)

[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] Two months before the end of the nine-in-one election campaign, the Kuomintang Huang Guoding's party department on September 22 targeted the mountain aboriginal member of New Taipei City's 13th constituency who ran for election on September 22. Yang Wanjin revoked his party membership, hoping to defend party discipline, To see and hear.

Huang Zhixiong, chairman of the New Taipei City Party Department of the Kuomintang, said that regarding the nomination of mountain aboriginal people, the Party Department convened a nomination review team in advance, and held a joint meeting with representatives of various aborigines leaders in New Taipei City. During the meeting, two candidates, He Yingming and Yang Wanjin, were asked to elaborate. Campaign concept, 2 people also agreed to respect the final decision of the nomination review meeting and expressed their support for the shortlisted.

There were a total of 11 members present, and they finally voted 10 to 1 to nominate He Yingming to represent the Kuomintang to run for election as a mountain aboriginal member of the 13th district of New Taipei City.

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Huang Guoding's party department said that Yang Wanjin participated in the nomination process throughout the process and promised to be first, but in the end, he broke the system and destroyed party discipline. In addition to expressing deep regret, he also insisted on defending party discipline and giving due sanctions to party members who violated discipline.

The 4 members of Huang Guoding's Party Department Examination and Discipline Examination all passed the revocation of Yang Wanjin's party membership, hoping to defend party discipline and raise awareness.

In this year's New Taipei City Aboriginal Council, the mountain aborigines should be elected 1 seat, and the flat land aboriginal people should be elected 3 seats. Among them, the Kuomintang mountain aborigines candidate He Yingming shoulders the task of regaining the seats; the flat land aboriginal part, in addition to nominating the current member Yang Chunmei, Wu Guoyu, the son of Asian iron man Wu Amin and former deputy secretary general of the Chinese Olympic Games, was also called up to run for election.

The New Taipei City Party Department of the Kuomintang stated that the candidates for the aboriginal members of the Kuomintang are all short-term elections, and after being elected, they will be able to continue to speak out for the aborigines and strive for more benefits.

Call on voters to support the candidates nominated by the Kuomintang, and call on those who violate discipline to stop in moderation and face their conscience.