After the results of the so-called "referendum" are announced, the occupiers will be able to mobilize Ukrainians for war openly, and not covertly, as was the case before.

Petro Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, told about it.

"The people of Mariupol are receiving messages asking them to appear at the military headquarters. The occupiers are justifying their decision by the fact that Mariupol will become part of the Russian Federation according to the results of the pseudo-referendum, which was held to check the box," he wrote.

Andryushchenko emphasizes that the hidden mobilization has been going on in the city for a long time.

Now, after holding fake referendums, the Russians will be able to take the people of Mariupol to war already openly.

"The people of Mariupol received text messages offering residents to work in the so-called state military service. As a result of the fake referendum, this will be done openly. After all, the key thing that the Russians need is new sealed meat to cover their positions, which they are surrendering due to the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces. We call residents of Mariupol to leave the city and not risk themselves for the sake of the occupiers, for whom your life is worth nothing," Andryushchenko stressed.

We will remind, in the temporarily occupied Mariupol in Donetsk region, the Russian invaders are going to make public the so-called "results" of the pseudo-referendum on joining Russia today, September 27.

The Gauleiter of the region, Denys Pushylin, has already stated that "the turnout exceeded expectations."

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