Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Taiwan last night.

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[Reporter Wu Shuwei/Taipei Report] Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Taiwan yesterday (26th) by plane to participate in the first "Global Taiwan Business Forum" hosted by the Liberty Times.

In response to the recent visit of important foreign guests from the United States to Taiwan, the Chinese People's Liberation Army will take action; Defense Minister Qiu Guozheng said that every time an important foreign guest comes, China will take action. Recently, it happens every day at this stage. It is just a matter of strength and weakness. , there are good ways to deal with it.

The Legislative Yuan held a meeting today and invited the President of the Executive Committee, Su Zhenchang, to lead the head of the Council to the Legislative Yuan's policy address and prepare for inquiries. Qiu Guozheng was interviewed by the media before entering the meeting room. Whether there are corresponding countermeasures to make the above response.

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Pompeo will be the keynote speaker at the first "Global Taiwan Business Forum". He will share his forward-looking views with the topic of "Seeing Taiwan's Post-pandemic Business Opportunities from the World's Economic and Trade Trends", and will discuss with Heda Industry Co., Ltd. , Sinosteel and other corporate leaders have a focused conversation to discuss multi-faceted issues such as global economic trends, supply chain restructuring, industrial layout and innovative development.