According to him, the Russian leadership does not plan to conduct any training, the Kremlin throws the mobilized "to be slaughtered" by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Petro Chernyk 

told about this 

on the Youtube channel of TSN.


The front line will not be broken.

Because it will be very low-quality material. There will be no training, they will be shod in kerzaks, they will be given a Mosin rifle with four shells, two grenades, maybe RPG 18 "Mukha", which were made in the USSR, they will be given a handful crackers, a spatula, which is considered a weapon for them, and will be thrown to the slaughter. However, this

biomaterial will have to be "ground" for quite a long time

, - said 

He reminded that on February 24, the Russian army attacked Ukraine

with almost 200,000 troops,

which the Ukrainian forces had actually killed. 

"We have already ground one. One has already been replaced, but they are still on our territory. We are still fighting with them," Chernyk added. 

We will remind, a video is posted on the social network, how

the Russian occupiers were expelled from the village of Koroviya Yar, Donetsk region, by the country's military. 

So far, there is no confirmation of this information from official representatives. 

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