There was a candid shooting incident in Mara Bay.

(File photo, photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe / Taichung Report] On the afternoon of the 24th, a 55-year-old middle-aged man surnamed Fan was suspected of secretly photographing a young hot girl surnamed Chen in the locker area in Malawan, Lihpao Land. Male, and suppressed it, other tourists thought they were fighting and called the police.

However, on Fan Nan's mobile phone, images of many female tourists in the park were found, and there were no indecent photos of private parts, but there were images of Chen Nv walking. Chen Nv insisted on filing a complaint against the Sexual Harassment Prevention and Control Law.

Practising lawyer Chen Heyi pointed out that if she was only shooting images of Chen's walking in public, she should not have been involved in criminal responsibility.

Fan Nan was also able to file a compulsory crime charge against the four men who forcibly held up the oppression.

The Dajia police pointed out today that the Yuemei Institute received a report at about 4 pm on the 24th that there were tourists fighting in Mara Bay. A young man found that Fan Nan was holding a mobile phone to secretly photograph his girlfriend surnamed Chen. The man was suppressed to the ground for a time, and the tourists quickly called the police.

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The police pointed out that they took Fan Nan and the victim Chen Nu back to the police station to clarify the contents of the mobile phone shooting.

After inspection, it was found that Fan Nan’s mobile phone images showed a number of women playing in the water in the park, but they did not involve indecent or obstructing secrets. There were also images of Chen Nv walking. The victim Chen Nv insisted on filing a complaint against the Sexual Harassment Prevention and Control Law. Reported to the Municipal Social Bureau for investigation.

Taichung City Social Affairs Bureau pointed out that the Social Affairs Bureau will work with the police and Fan Nan's company to investigate whether the sexual harassment case has been established.

If Fan Nan is not satisfied, he can file a complaint with the Social Affairs Bureau, which will form a sexual harassment re-appeal investigation team to investigate.

Because Fan Nan works in Miaoli, the police will transfer the case to his company in Miaoli for investigation, and then transfer it to the Social Affairs Office of Miaoli County for management.

Chen Heyi, a practicing lawyer in Zhongshi City, said that whether the crime of obstructing secrets under the criminal law is involved, one must have "unreasonable recordings of other people's non-public activities, speeches, conversations, or private parts of their bodies with audio recordings, photographs, or video recordings." Criminal responsibility is only involved in public activities or private parts. If it is only to take pictures of Chen's walking in public, it should not be criminally responsible.

In addition, whether the sexual harassment prevention and control law is involved depends on whether the shooting behavior has a sexual connotation and the subjective feelings of the person being filmed.