The famous Ukrainian actress

Anna Koshmal

keeps her personal life behind seven locks.

The actress tells almost nothing about her husband.

If Anna shares a photo with her beloved, she shows him only from the back.

As the celebrity admitted in the ZhVL program, she does not share her personal life, because she does not want to let an outsider in there.

Anna said that her husband also avoids publicity, and she respects his decision.

Anna Koshmal with her husband / Photo:

"I don't like to show my personal life to the public, because it's sacred. It's something I'm not ready to sacrifice, share for the sake of news. I don't like it when people I don't know discuss me once again," the celebrity shared.

If Anna does not tell anything about her husband, then she loves to talk about her little son Mykhailik.

In particular, Anna remembered how she was on maternity leave.

Yes, the actress could not sit at home and went to work a month later.

Koshmal took little Mykhailik with her to the playground.

Anna Koshmal with her son / Photo:

"A month later, after I gave birth, I went to work. I went to the playground with the baby. I fed and worked every hour," Anna said.

The celebrity also talked about the methods of raising a son in their family.

Father scolds Mykhailo, but mother always praises him.

"Of course, mom is always good, and dad is always bad. That's how we divide the roles. But here too, you have to balance," the actress added.

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