“Obviously it's not good to drive when you're drunk and high.

For us, this is murder."

This is what one of the sons of the Frenchman, who died in the brutal accident on the ring road on Sunday early morning, told Nova TV.

According to him, the mother remains in a bad condition with many broken bones and vertebrae.

"The hearings are difficult because she is not supposed to move for more than 45 days. She is confused, she does not understand what happened. Because of the drugs they are giving her, she did not know that she had an accident," he added.

Lyubenov before the court: I have never driven drunk or drugged, this is my first time

The family has four sons.

One of them lives in our country after marrying a Bulgarian woman.

His parents surprised him by visiting him for his birthday.

The disaster occurs on the day the French nationals leave.

“They had said they would call when they arrived in France.

No one called us.

We've been trying to connect all day.

At first we thought they were tired from the long journey.

We called them every hour.

In the evening we were worried.

We called the hotel and they told us that there was an accident," said Samuel, who lives in Bansko.

"For us now, it is important that our mother and she get the best help for her help.

We want to get her home in good condition.

There are spinal fractures.

We want to make sure that one day she will walk again and everything will be fine," says Samuel.


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