Abandoned Zuoying military dependents village in Kaohsiung City.

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[Reporter Cai Qinghua / Kaohsiung Report] In August last year, a woman surnamed Chen, who made a living from scavenging in Kaohsiung City, entered the abandoned military village of Zuoying to pick up discarded wires and recovered 3 old bicycles from the nearby parking lot. She was charged with trespassing, theft and other crimes. Sentenced to 6 months in prison, Deyi Ke was fined 180,000 yuan, subject to appeal.

The verdict pointed out that a woman surnamed Chen worked as a waste picker in the Zuoying Military Dependents' Village. On the afternoon of August 6 last year, she rode a motorcycle into the Zuoying abandoned military dependents' village (managed by the Military Dependents' Service Group of the Ministry of National Defense), set fire to the abandoned wires, picked up copper wires and sold them , and entered the parking lot of Cihui Six Village on the evening of October 5 last year, and towed away the 3 old bicycles placed there.

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Chen's wife came to the case and argued that she entered the abandoned military dependents village to see if there was anything to recycle, and there were usually many people who went for a walk, pulled mangoes, fed dogs, and picked up things, but did not see any notices posted at the entrance. The three bicycles in the parking lot were picked up and towed away because they thought they were not wanted by others.

The Qiaotou District Court found that apart from kindergarten employees and a small number of residents who were allowed to park their vehicles by the Ministry of National Defense, there was no public trespassing in the abandoned military village. Living in the local area, it is not completely ignorant of the control of entry and exit of abandoned military villages.

In addition, the three bicycles that were stolen all belonged to the appearance of complete, good, and no defects. It was found that the evidence of the whole case was clear, and he was sentenced to 6 months in prison. Yi Ke was fined 180,000 yuan, and he could appeal.