In a scandalous, rough and devoid of any football merits, but extremely emotional match, Bulgaria beat North Macedonia 1:0 in football.

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A victory which, although it did not bring us sports and technical dividends, was met quite emotionally in Bulgaria because of the ugly and rude booing of our national anthem in Skopje, as well as the non-stop insults to our players throughout the match, writes Dirbg.

With our neighbors, however, the emotions are at the completely opposite pole, because they were the ones who waited for this match for over three months, and they left with the "big basket", with lofty words and expectations of a rout.

In the days leading up to the match, there were even calls for revenge, without making it clear what exact revenge could be sought on the football field in a protocol match.

Borisov reacted to the Macedonians' nonsense with the Bulgarian anthem

Extremely many Bulgarians, even the political elite of our country, expressed their indignation at the rudely booed anthem, which will almost certainly bring punishment to North Macedonia, but the local media were not particularly moved by the ugly actions of their compatriots.

"" writes that this is perhaps the most painful match in their history, which is quite curious against the background of the fact that in reality the match was only for honor, and not for ranking anything.

And here are quotes from what the media wrote:

"Everyone can say what they want, but the match with Bulgaria was of great importance for Macedonia. For the people, for the land, for all those who feel oppressed by the eastern neighbor on the political issues of the last few years".

These sentences from the authoritative North Macedonian publication come against the background of apparently empty talk from the local team, which tried to convince in the days before the match that the political issue was put on the back burner.

"The stadium was full - because the people wanted a victory. The people came to rejoice, to see a victory over the bad neighbors who challenge our history, language and identity. They did not come to watch the lost cycle without a chance of ranking".

"The footballers did not fulfill their wish and lost to our most hated neighbor. Bulgaria leaves Skopje with big smiles and as a great winner. This is the weakest Bulgaria in history".

In another material, the media pay special attention to the audience.

We all saw that her behavior was scandalous in all aspects of international football, but in Skopje something similar was not felt.

"Hats off to the crowd. Nationals have never had such support, 15,000 fought for Macedonia. It was a game that should not have been lost."

The media "", which before the first match between the two teams in Razgrad called on its team to score us four goals, one each for fascism, Samuil, Gotse Delchev and the veto, also released a special publication with the whistled film, noting what happened with satisfaction .

90 minutes later, however, another material appeared, and the title in it was: "Horror! Ten players from Macedonia did not avoid the loss".

The video with the ugly booing of our national anthem went around social networks in Western Europe as well, and the history of the recent past shows that such actions were severely punished by UEFA, it would be logical for this to happen to North Macedonia as well.

Relations Bulgaria - Republic of Macedonia