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"Europe should close the borders, in my opinion.

We should not accept these refugees.

In the first ranks will not be the needy, but the sons of the oligarchs." 

Gen. said this on the air of BNT.

Dimo Gyaurov - former director of the National Intelligence Service in our country.

"Before going nuclear, Putin has other terrible weapons to use.

If the war does not go according to Putin's plan, we can expect more radical actions",

he also said and believes that there is a possibility that he will officially declare war after the relevant results of the referendum.

On the occasion of the meetings with the Prime Minister and the President in connection with what is happening in Russia, the general is of the opinion that what was discussed in recent days was not necessary and believes that the

Cabinet should be more active in relation to NATO.


Gyaurov: In the first ranks of those fleeing from Russia are the sons of the oligarchs


Uruguayan police arrested the president's head of personal security yesterday at his residence for alleged involvement in a scheme to help possibly hundreds of Russian citizens obtain Uruguayan passports illegally, Reuters reported.

Russian passport scheme in Uruguay


Kazakhstan's president has promised protection for Russians fleeing mobilization


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia condemned what happened yesterday at the stadium in Skopje, during the football match between the national teams of North Macedonia and Bulgaria, which it considers an "expression of hate language", reports BTA.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia condemned the whistling of the Bulgarian national anthem


The explanation of the transport company was that there were no seats in the bus, but according to the man, four other people were put on it.

Seeing the situation, strangers took the man and his dog by car to the capital.

The journalist waited for the bus in Sofia and asked the driver for an explanation.

He confirmed that he refused entry to the blind man on the grounds that he did not have a ticket.

According to him, the phrase that threw Idakiev off balance was: "

Do you know what this dog can do on the bus


They did not let a blind man and his guide dog on the Kyustendil-Sofia bus


The video also mentions the so-called

"five freedoms" for every animal - access to food and clean water;

protection - shelter and sufficient living space;

peace and sleep, medical care;

an opportunity to socialize with peers, comments from "Chetiri Lapi".

At Four Paws, we believe that

every animal deserves a life that is free from suffering and raised with respect and understanding.

The cruel practice of "dancing bears" is thankfully no more.

But their sad story and that of saving the bears should not stop being remembered, so that it is never repeated," commented Denitsa Slavova, head of "Communications" in the organization.

Video tells about brown bears and their care in Bulgaria


"We invited Mr. Borisov to a debate last year, now we invited him again, but unfortunately the debate did not take place.

It is quite irresponsible not to have a real debate about the future of Bulgaria".

"GERB have a serious problem with the way we manage the country's finances and the economic program we have set, which is much more social, i.e.

more funds for education, healthcare, pensions, kindergartens.

But GERB wants us to move towards lean pizza and a zero deficit, because for them this is more important."

Vassilev: GERB wants to return lean pizza, while we offer a stronger social program


The European Union cannot continue accession negotiations with Serbia if Belgrade does not agree with the union on the issue of sanctions against Russia, announced the Social Democrats - the second largest group in the European Parliament.

Thus, this group commented on the signing of a consultation plan between the ministries of foreign affairs of Serbia and Russia in New York, within the framework of the UN General Assembly.

"Very disappointing from a country aspiring to join the EU,"

wrote Croatian Social Democrats MEP Tonino Pizzula.

Serbia cannot continue negotiations with the EU if it does not introduce sanctions against Russia