Wu Laiju, the leader of the Songlian Gang, was planting marijuana on the farmland next to the 601st Brigade of Longtan Army Aviation and was seized.

(Photo by reporter Xu Zhuoxun, file photo)

[Reporters Xu Zhuoxun, Zhou Minhong, Qiu Junfu/Comprehensive Report] A drug trafficking group boldly turned more than 1,000 square meters of farmland into a cannabis farm next to the 601st Brigade of the Longtan Army Aviation in Taoyuan. The black market price of a cannabis plant is roughly estimated at more than 1 billion yuan. It is the largest cannabis planting case seized in the history of domestic anti-drug operations.

The mastermind behind the scenes is Wu Laiju, the leader of Songlian Gang

Prosecutors investigated, Wu Nan began to rent a thousand square meters of farmland next to the 601st Brigade of the Army Aviation last year, and planned to turn it into a cannabis farm. There were only scattered farmers around the area. , rice and other crops, so that ordinary people can't find it when they pass by, and behind it is a large cannabis garden.

Wu's 37-year-old brother, surnamed Ke, is responsible for the management of water, electricity and soil removal on the farm, and employs six female migrant workers who escaped from Indonesia to do daily watering.

Ke and Wu even considered themselves peasant friends and got along well with their local neighbors.

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The police dispatched aerial cameras to search and collect evidence on the periphery

The prosecutors received a tip a few days ago and started to search for evidence. Due to the remote and vast area, the police dispatched aerial cameras to search and collect evidence at the periphery. After confirming that it was a marijuana garden, they mobilized Perak operators to attack the fortress at dawn, and arrested Wu in the farmhouse on the spot. , Ke two men and six women escaped migrant workers.

Wu and Ke are frank about planting marijuana, but most of the confessions have not yet been made into finished products and have not yet come out of the market.

Wu, Ke and 6 migrant workers detained and banned from seeing

The prosecutor said that after Wu Laiju failed to plant last year, he started to re-cultivate it in May this year. He took advantage of the fast growth rate of marijuana outdoors and multiplied it in large quantities. Only in about four months can the number of marijuana strains be increased to 100,000. Of the 4,200 plants, two-thirds of them are mature. Although the outdoor temperature is difficult to control and the quality varies, Wu Nan cultivates a huge amount of marijuana, which can be sold by using machines such as dryers to make finished products. Flowing into the market can earn more than one billion yuan of unscrupulous money.

The prosecutor revealed that during the process of growing marijuana, Wu Nan also established a downstream sales network. In addition to having mastered the members of the upstream group, the prosecutors are also investigating the members of the downstream sales channel.

Due to the large amount of drugs, Wu, Ke and the six migrant workers applied to the court for detention and interrogation after being re-examined by the prosecutor.