The head of the Federation Council

Valyantina Matviyenko

said that the chamber is ready to consider the issue at the scheduled meeting on October 4.

Influential senator

Andrey Klishas

wrote in Telegram that "admission of new entities to Russia is a constitutional procedure that will require the coordinated work of several constitutional authorities and, ultimately, amendments to the text of the Constitution," and therefore the need for "artificial acceleration of the constitutional order of adoption there are no new subjects.

Earlier, a number of mass media, citing their sources, reported that the procedure for the adoption of the so-called "DNR", "LNR", Kherson and Zaporizhia regions could be completed as early as September 30 - it was claimed that on this day President Vladimir Putin would address the Federal Assembly with a message.

The Kremlin neither confirmed nor denied it.

September 27 is the last day of pseudo-referendums on joining Russia in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops.

These pseudo-referendums have already been recognized as illegitimate and have no force by many countries of the world, as well as by Ukraine.

It is reported that voting has already been completed in Kherson, Zaporizhia and Luhansk regions, and it will end soon in Donetsk.

Leading vote count representatives of separatists and Russian-appointed occupation administrations claim a high turnout and voting of 80-90 percent of those who took part in favor of joining Russia.

There was no independent monitoring of the voting, which was conducted only in a part of the Ukrainian regions in the conditions of active hostilities, and it is impossible to verify the numbers in any way.

Final results are expected tomorrow.

Ukraine, the United States and other countries call the vote a pseudo-referendum held at gunpoint.

Western countries have announced that they will introduce new sanctions against Russia.

Representatives of separatists and occupation administrations previously stated that they would appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin as soon as possible with a request to accept 4 Ukrainian regions into Russia.

If the procedure is the same as during the annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol, Putin will have to sign treaties on their accession, and the Russian parliament will have to ratify them and approve a special constitutional law on the adoption of new subjects of the federation.

For this, meetings of both the State Duma and the Federation Council are needed.

If the upper house meets only on October 4, then the annexation will not be formally completed before that date.

Earlier, Russian representatives claimed that after the formal acceptance of the occupied territories into Russia, all Russian documents, including the nuclear doctrine, will apply to them.