The DPP group of the Legislative Yuan continues to question Xie Guoliang, the KMT candidate for Keelung mayor.

(Photo by reporter Xie Junlin)

[Reporter Xie Junlin/Taipei Report] In response to many doubts about the Kuomintang Keelung mayoral candidate Xie Guoliang's involvement in the Dexin Securities hollowing case, the Legislative Yuan's Democratic Progressive Party Group held a press conference again today (27th) to raise three questions and three points, including Xie Youwu Remittance to Lin Guanbai, former chairman of Dexin Securities?

Why shadow the other two companies that borrowed?

The three companies borrowed money, but why did Xie-owned Venus International take all the repayments?

Xie was asked to take out a remittance slip, publish the company name that was deliberately concealed, and explain the disappearing cash flow of 100 million yuan.

The caucus also called on the prosecution to restart investigations on a case-by-case basis to clarify relevant doubts.

Yesterday, the DPP accused Xie Guoliang of being involved in the Dexin Securities hollowing-out case, questioning how Venus International’s capital was only 7 million yuan, how to lend more than 100 million yuan to Lin Guan, and Xie was afraid of money laundering. Long broke the news and took out a form, referring to a total of 3 companies borrowing money, but in addition to Venus International, the names of the other two companies were blacked out, and it was only seen that the persons in charge were Xie Guoliang.

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Guo Guowen, secretary-general of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that Xie Guoliang must make it clear that he did not want to deceive the outside world by only telling the public about oolong. The key to this case is whether the loan relationship exists. It was a loan between two companies; on September 26, it was said that Venus International did not lend 3.2 million US dollars at all; on the same day, it was changed to say that Venus International only lent 3 million Taiwan dollars, and the rest was lent by the other two.

Guo Guowen questioned that the form provided by Xie Guoliang blacked out two of the companies, and the date was unclear. If Dexin Securities had insufficient funds, it would generally seek to increase capital, or use private equity and other methods, and rarely borrowed from private companies; And the Xie family still has Erxin in Keelung, why not borrow it from Erxin, but borrow it from Venus International?

I also didn't see the relevant loan receipts with the date and the whereabouts of the cash flow. Thanks to the unknown form, I couldn't explain it at all.

Lin Chuyin, deputy secretary-general of the Democratic Progressive Party, pointed out that if you tell a lie, you must use more lies to make up for it. In the face of major financial cases, Xie Guoliang took out the so-called loan documents, completely underestimating the IQ of Keelung citizens. Any title that proves what?

If it is a remittance slip, where is the stamp?

He didn't write to anyone, "Your family owns a bank, I don't know how the remittance slip should look like this? Did you really send money to Lin Guanbai?"

Lin Chuyin asked three questions, including whether Xie Guoliang sent money to Lin Guanbai?

The intention of the other two companies to cover up?

The three companies borrowed money, but why is Venus International taking all the repayments?

Lin questioned that the indictment did not mention the other two companies. Was the money really remitted from the other two?

Furthermore, do these two companies have other shareholders, and have they informed the shareholders and the board of directors of the loan?

Funds finally entered Venus International in the form of a big shift of the universe. There is no "fat"?

Lin Chuyin said that yesterday, Xie Guoliang was mentioned on five major crimes including money laundering. As the person in charge of the other two companies, now she wants to question whether Xie has violated the criminal law for breach of trust.

Whether Dawan Jinliu Game violates the rights and interests of shareholders.

Lin Jingyi, deputy director-general of the Democratic Progressive Party, put forward three requirements, including asking Xie Guoliang to take out the remittance slip, publishing the company name that was deliberately concealed, and explaining the disappearing cash flow of 100 million.

Lin questioned that Xie Suowei clearly violated relevant laws and should ask the prosecution to restart the investigation. Xie Guoliang, who is running for mayor, must also explain clearly.