"Ministry of Labor"...has a duty

Investigate, suppress, arrest and prosecute migrant workers who come to work illegally.

If an offense is found, the "employer" accepts foreigners to work without a work permit.

will be fined from


Baht...per one foreigner

Repeated offenses are punishable by imprisonment and prohibition of employing foreigners for another 3 years.

As for "foreigners" who smuggle to work without permission, they face a fine of 5,000-50,000 baht and are repatriated out of the Kingdom.

and unable to obtain a work permit

until the sentence has been released for a period of 2 years

General Prawit Wongsuwan

, Deputy Prime Minister

which oversees the Ministry of Labor

Give priority to the management of the work of foreigners of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam in order to support the country's reconstruction after the relaxation of preventive and control measures for the coronavirus disease 2019.

The Ministry of Labor then proposed

The Cabinet and approved on 5 July 65 that foreigners from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam who have

“Invalid status” wishing to work and having an employer

Able to stay and work temporarily not later than February 13, 66

Upon receiving permission to work and having received a visa until February 13, 66, if wishing to continue working

Able to stay and work temporarily not later than February 13, '68, with permission to stay and work 2 times, not more than 1 year each time, the first time not later than February 13, '24 and the second time, not later than 13 February. . Nov. 68

where such workers must work with the employer before the date

The Cabinet has approved

Latest timeline update

Pairoj Chotikasathien

, director-general of the Department of Employment, said that employers are now in the process of hiring workers of four nationalities, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, according to the cabinet resolution on July 5, 2022. with invalid status, fees must be paid through Krung Thai Bank

Emphasize that...the service is available in 5 channels, namely...all branches of Krung Thai Bank, ATM / ADM, Krungthai Corporate Online, Krungthai Next, and the "Pao Tang" application. 100 baht per work and 900 baht per work permit fee

Then submit an application for a work permit on behalf of an alien using Form Bor Tor 50 together with supporting documents for submitting a Work Permit Application Form Or 4 through the electronic work permit system for aliens at the website alienfivejuly. doe.go.th. This must be completed by October 15, 2022.

The employer collects the receipt received from Krung Thai Bank and the work permit application issued by the registrar as evidence showing that the work permit has been granted.

Until receiving a work permit under the law on the management of foreign work.

When the alien has taken the prescribed steps

A receipt for a work permit can be used on behalf of an alien along with a receipt for the fee.

show to the staff

In order to register as an insured with the Social Security Office, it can be divided into 2 cases in the case of an alien working with an employer in a business requiring social security registration.

During the period that social security rights have not yet arisen, you must purchase health insurance from the Ministry of Public Health.

Or... buy health insurance from a private insurance company.

Which receives no less than the benefits received from health insurance with the Ministry of Public Health and in the case of foreigners working with employers in businesses that are exempted from social security registration

Must purchase health insurance from the Ministry of Health.

and bring evidence of the foreigner's health insurance to submit to the registrar

to be considered for permission to work

Bringing foreigners to collect personal identity information, check their health for 6 diseases, submit documents...

consider approval in the system

Prepare or update the history registration within 13 Feb 66

At this point, if the foreigner wishes to continue working, he must apply for a work permit renewal before the work permit expires.

And apply for a VISA visa within 13 Feb. 66 for the registrar to allow work for 1 year at a time, including 2 times, the first time not later than February 13, 67, the second time, not later than February 13, 68

Emphasize that... the employment of foreign workers who come to work in Thailand is in accordance with

The Emergency Decree on the Management of Foreign Workers B.E. 2560

and its amendments

taking into account many factors, including career opportunities for Thai people

Hiring requirements

"Foreign labor" of entrepreneurs necessary for the development of the country

ties or obligations in which Thailand exists

And national security... have to accept the fact that Thailand currently faces a shortage of labor.

Due to entering the aging society and as many people already know that Thai people do not like working in

3D (Difficulty, Dangerous, Dirty)... difficult, dangerous, dirty

work such as labor, fishery, domestic service. house

In fiscal year 2022, there were 2,337,154 migrant workers allowed to work throughout the Kingdom, separating into 237,927 skilled workers and 2,099,227 general workers.

The general type of labor that this is labor from neighboring countries.

Cambodian, Laotian, Myanmar and Vietnamese nationals who came to be the cogs in driving the industrial sector.


as well as the tourism and service sectors

especially in businesses that cannot use machinery or substitute technology

During the past three years since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic in Thailand, the number of migrant workers permitted to work throughout the Kingdom in fiscal year 2022 decreased by 2.06% from 2021 and 2021. From 2020, 1.57% due to international epidemic prevention and control measures.

Pairote further suggested that


Foreign workers who want to ask for more information can contact the provincial employment office in every province.

Bangkok Employment Office Area 1-10 or LINE


or at the Ministry of Labor hotline, call 1506 press 2, Department of Employment

and the Department of Employment hotline, call 1694, which provides interpreters in Cambodian, Myanmar and English, providing information services.

suggest how to proceed

“We rely on foreign investment to invest in the manufacturing industry.

which requires a lot of labor force

If there is a shortage, manufacturers may move their production bases to countries with more labor readiness.

The problem of labor shortages and the use of foreign workers is therefore important to the direction of economic development.”

“Foreign workers” come to work a lot because neighboring countries do not have enough work in the country to support their workers.

therefore unemployment

Immigrant workers come to find work in our home ... if accelerating to fill the foreign worker ants into the system correctly.

On the other hand, the illegal labor force must be suppressed.