TSN.ua collected everything that is known about the liberation of these settlements.

Thus, on September 26, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the release of Kupyansk-Vuzlovoi for the first time.  

Note that there is a large railway station in Kupyansk-Vuzlovo.

It was through her that the Russian

occupiers transferred their military equipment

from the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

Kupyansk itself was captured by the enemy on the very first day of the invasion. 

The day after the statement of the General Staff, on September 27, Ukrainian intelligence verified the liberation of the village, as well as the head of Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov stated.

He said that the settlement was liberated

as a result of a successful counteroffensive operation.

Synegubov also informed that until now 6% of the territory of Kharkiv Oblast was under the control of the invaders, but after the successful operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, these percentages decreased.

The GUR of the Ministry of Defense also posted a video of the raising of the Ukrainian flag at the railway station in Kupyansk-Vuzlovy.

Thus, while raising the national flag, a soldier of the KRAKEN special unit said: "Kupyansk-Vuzlovy is under the Ukrainian flag again!".

Ukrainian soldiers in the area of ​​the settlement of Kupyansk-Vuzlovy.


— KORONAVIRUS ☢️ODESSA (@Korona_news2022) September 27, 2022

On September 27, it became known that the Ukrainian military entered the village of

Koroviya Yar

in the Donetsk region, which was controlled by the Russian occupiers.

The defenders even showed a video of them entering the settlement with armored vehicles.

"Koroviya Yar is ours. Since certain information is already coming from Ridkodub, and the settlement appears in the reports of the General Staff, this video from the crusaders can already be distributed," - said the officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and blogger Serhii Neshchadym on the Internet.

Our Koroviya Yar

Since certain information is already coming from Ridkodub, and the settlement appears in the reports of the General Staff - this video from the crusaders can already be distributed pic.twitter.com/5cuDOTOtjG

— Sergey Neschadym (@nevedimka123) September 27, 2022

As for Ridkodub,

it became known on September 27 that the Armed Forces had entered there.

In particular, the relevant video was posted by politician and volunteer Yuriy Mysiagin, but there is no official information from the General Staff yet. 

The published footage shows Ukrainian military vehicles entering Ridkodub.

It should be noted that the village is an important strategic settlement for the liberation of Donetsk region from the occupiers.

There is also a video showing defenders of Ukraine

burning the Russian flag already in Ridkodub.

We will remind you that on September 22, the Russians began to spread information on the Internet that the Armed Forces of Ukraine apparently reached Ridkodub in Donetsk region and practically surrounded Liman and Korova Yar.

Then the adviser of the President's Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, hinted that Lyman could be released in a few days.

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