Thousands of pings of marijuana are planted next to the military camp, and the mastermind behind the scenes is Wu Laiju, the leader of Songlian Gang.

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[Reporters Xu Zhuoxun, Zhou Minhong, Qiu Junfu/Comprehensive Report] Wu Laiju, the elder of the Songlian Gang, nicknamed "Lychee", and his younger brother Ke, planted more than 4,200 plants on the farm next to the 601st Brigade of the Army Aviation. For marijuana, although Wu Xian and Ke Xian claimed that they had rarely been active in the gang, the prosecutors will continue to investigate and clarify.

According to police investigations, Wu Laiju has a number of violent debt collection, drug and injury convictions. In recent years, he has retreated behind the scenes to become obsessed with flowers, and even developed his interest into a career. He established Hanyang Industrial Co., Ltd. in Datong District, Taipei City, importing and exporting flowers, and running horticultural businesses. , operating in the North City Red and White Tiechang is very impressive.

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Take seeds from the upstream group for ramet propagation

The investigators said that Wu Laiju knew that marijuana was popular with young men and women and that it was profitable, so he taught himself how to grow marijuana, obtained marijuana seeds from the upstream group and learned the "separation" method, which will have roots, stems, leaves or shoots, roots It is the easiest and most successful method of reproduction in asexual reproduction.

Last year's batch of marijuana almost went to waste

In April last year, Wu Xian tried planting on the farmland next to the 601st Brigade Barracks, and used a horticultural company to plant flowers, plants and trees for cover. He recruited a younger brother surnamed Ke and six escaped migrant workers to assist in planting, but a group of people were unfamiliar with planting methods. , last year a batch of marijuana almost went to waste.

This comeback was finally successfully cultivated, but when it was about to be harvested, it was inspected and the police cracked it up in time. Two-thirds of the 4,200 cannabis plants it planted have matured.