What a day today is in Ukraine and the world

September 27 -

World Tourism Day and Tourism Day in Ukraine


The holiday was founded by the World Tourism Organization, which operates under the auspices of the United Nations.

Traveling is an ancient phenomenon.

Since ancient times, mankind has sought opportunities to travel and move for better living conditions.

The troops have also become "travelers" of their own kind.

After all, they often went to other lands to conquer them.

Then people began to travel for a religious purpose, and later - to see something new and interesting for themselves.

And September 27 is

Educator's Day in Ukraine


This is an important professional holiday.

Don't forget to congratulate all those who work as educators on this day.

After all, this is a difficult job that requires the ability to communicate with children and pedagogical skills.

What a church holiday today, September 27

September 27 - Exaltation of the Holy Cross / Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

September 27 in the church calendar is

the Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Since the Middle Ages, this holiday has been equated with Good Friday, when Jesus Christ was executed on the cross.

And that's why believers observed a strict fast on this day.

Name day: how to name a child born on September 27

What are the name days today:


The talisman of a person born on September 27 is



This stone was often used to create jewelry for nobles.

In esotericism, citrine is considered a universal stone.

It brings luck and helps to get rich, and also develops cunning.

Born on this day:

  • 1872 — Ukrainian painter, teacher Hryhoriy Svitlytskyi;

  • 1885 — Ukrainian artist, poet and art critic Yukhym Mykhailiv;

  • 1895 — Ukrainian poet, translator Volodymyr Kobylanskyi;

  • 1896 — Ukrainian literary critic and literary critic, pedagogue Oleksandr Doroshkevich;

  • 1896 — a famous Ukrainian artist, a participant in the Paris salons of Oleksa Tretyakiv;

  • 1923 — Ukrainian poet, victim of Stalinist terror, Vasyl Borovy;

  • 1924 — Ukrainian bibliographer, teacher, literary critic, local historian Volodymyr Polek;

  • 1938 - Ukrainian poet, fighter against the communist system in Soviet times Dmytro Arsenych;

  • 1953 — Ukrainian journalist, publicist, poet, novelist, translator, columnist Mykola Ryabchuk;

  • 1962 — Ukrainian literary critic, writer and psychoanalyst Nila Zborovska;

  • 1962 - Alla Tatarenko, a Ukrainian Slavologist, translator, literary critic;

  • 1979 — Ukrainian journalist, poet, writer, TV and radio presenter Oksana Radushynska;

  • 1983 — Ukrainian writer and literary critic Lilia Demydyuk;

  • 1983 - five-time Paralympic champion, Hero of Ukraine Olena Yurkovska.

What can not be done on this day

  • You should not start new things - they will all end in failure.

  • It is a fast day, so eating meat is considered a great sin.

  • Do not gossip and tell other people's secrets.

  • Girls are not allowed to go to the forest, especially alone.

Folk signs and traditions for September 27

Among our ancestors there were many interesting signs to this day: 

  • looked at what day it is today: the wind is north - next summer will be hot;

  • it got colder - wait for early spring;

  • morning frost - to early winter.

The people believed that the cross had a special power, and therefore it was necessarily hung on this day to protect the home.

By this date, the midsummer usually ends, it becomes cool and it gets dark early.

Weather for today, September 27

Today, September 27, it is slightly cloudy in Kyiv, without precipitation.

It is gloomy in Lviv, no precipitation is expected.

It is cloudy in Kharkiv, without precipitation.

In Odesa, it is cloudy with clearings, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +17 during the day and +9 at night.

In Lviv it is +17 during the day and +8 at night.

In Kharkiv +19 during the day and +9 at night.

In Odesa it is +21 during the day and +12 at night.

Commemorative dates of September 27

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world for September 27:

  • 1605 — the troops of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth defeat the Swedes near Kirchholm;

  • 1821 - the independence of the Mexican Empire is proclaimed;

  • 1825 - the first railway begins in Great Britain - the train carries 450 passengers at a speed of 24 km/hour;

  • 1885 — the South Russian Institute of Technology was opened in Kharkiv;

  • 1893 - the first overseas Ukrainian printed organ - the Svoboda newspaper - begins to be published in Jersey City;

  • 1895 - Swedish chemist, engineer and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel signs a will according to which his legacy was to form the basis of a fund to pay annual prizes to people who have made the greatest contribution to the development of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and general peace (Nobel Prize);

  • 1912 - the "Sportivne Pole" stadium for 3,000 people was opened in Kyiv;

  • 1920 — Simon Petliura signs the order of the Main Command of the UNR troops on the organization of the uprising in Right Bank Ukraine;

  • 1920 — Nestor Makhno makes an alliance with the Red Army;

  • 1937 - the first Santa Claus training school opens in the town of Albion (New York);

  • 1939 - the Germans capture Warsaw;

  • 1940 - the Triple (Berlin) Pact is concluded between the Third Reich, the Kingdom of Italy and the Empire of Japan, which created a military alliance known as the "Axis Countries";

  • 1941 - in Nazi-occupied Kiev, the commandant's order is published: all Jews must report to the assembly point in the Babi Yar area "for evacuation";

  • 1941 — the Syrian Republic is declared an independent state;

  • 1961 - Sierra Leone becomes the hundredth UN member state;

  • 1993 — the Tylyav Literary and Memorial Museum of Ulas Samchuk is opened on the basis of the Tylyav NEC;

  • 1998 - the Manic Street Preachers' album "This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours" tops the chart and becomes the first release of musicians to conquer the hit parade of Great Britain;

  • 1998 - the company Google is founded;

  • 1998 — the Social Democrats led by Gerhard Schröder win the German elections;

  • 2001 - the Norwegian government establishes an international prize for mathematical research - the Abel Prize;

  • 2002 - East Timor becomes a member of the UN;

  • 2003 — Ukraine limits the import of Russian matches.