It should be noted that the corresponding purchase is urgent, because only 4 days are allocated for the procedure.

This is stated on the website of State Procurement of the Russian Federation.

The website states that the company purchases iodine annually.

He said that such a financial transaction is planned.

In particular, the previous amount of tenders was almost the same as this year - 3.2 million rubles at the current exchange rate.

By comparison, the Central Bank dollar rate on March 1, 2021 was 74.4373 rubles ($56,000 = 4,168,488 rubles).

The Central Bank dollar exchange rate on December 25, 2020 was 74.8392 rubles ($56,000 = 4,190,995 rubles).

It should be noted that the sale of devices for measuring the level of radiation and potassium iodide has increased significantly in Russia.

Thus, the sale of potassium iodide and devices for measuring the level of radiation increased in the spring and summer of 2022 on the Ozon and Wildberries marketplaces of the Russian Federation against the background of the aggression of Putin's army in Ukraine, which seized the ZNPP and regularly fires at it.