Taiwan Jijin and Taiwan Nanshe expressed their welcome outside Pompeo's speech.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang / Kaohsiung Report] Former US Secretary of State Michael Richard Pompeo delivered a speech in Kaohsiung today. Taiwan's Jijingao city councilor candidates expressed their welcome outside the gathering, and pointed out that Pompeo has publicly stated that he wants to participate in 2024 In the U.S. presidential election, it is now evident that the "Taiwan card" has become the basic position of U.S. political circles.

Zhang Boyang, a candidate for the city council of Taiwan's Jijin Sanmin District, said that before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the most supportive former secretary of state in the United States came to Taiwan and gave a speech focusing on world economy and trade, which conveyed that Taiwan and world economy are closely tied.

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He analyzed that in an exclusive interview with Thames in July, Pompeo publicly stated that he was ready to participate in the 2024 U.S. presidential election, and now he has also expressed his support for Taiwan with practical actions, showing that the "Taiwan card" has become one of the basic positions in American politics , I very much welcome every friend who is interested in running for the US President to come to Taiwan.

Liu Hangyuan, a candidate for the city council of Dagangshan District, said that the democratic and free countries all over the world are threatened by the Ukrainian-Russian war and the CCP. Taiwan not only occupies an important position in the Indo-Pacific strategic region, but also produces chips as an important strategic material. Therefore, the security of Taiwan is the security of the countries in the democratic camp all over the world.

Yang Peihua, a candidate for the Daliao City Councilor of Jijin Linyuan, pointed out that Kaohsiung is a city where the three armed forces gather together, and it also has the only dedicated military port in Taiwan, and can also supply supplies independently. Kaohsiung is an extremely important city in Taiwan's strategy.

Zhang Tingting, a candidate for the fourth district of Jijin's Renwu District, said that the former US Secretary of State, who came to Taiwan for the second time this year, is also a popular candidate for the next US President, Pompeo, visited Taiwan at a sensitive time before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and met in Taiwan In addition to stimulating the Chinese government's glass-heartedness, several county and city chiefs also believed that they were not afraid of the protests of the Communist Party and the New Party when they visited Taiwan last time. welcome!

Li Yuzhen, a candidate for the City Council of Jijin Fengshan District, pointed out that Kaohsiung has not only demonstrated the progress of democracy, freedom and human rights in recent years, but also introduced resources to the development of the real estate industry. In the afternoon, Pompeo will go to Pier 2 to see the design of the upcoming island Drifting the river with Nakajima and Chat, can better appreciate the charm and explosive power of Taiwan's local IP, thanks to Pompeo for letting the world see Kaohsiung.

Chen Tzuyu, a candidate for the Nanzi City Councillor of the Fundamental Left Camp, pointed out that Pompeo came to Kaohsiung to remind Taiwan and the international community that Kaohsiung is not only an industrial center, but also a military center with three military bases. Pompeo's support also made Taiwanese society must It is necessary to realize that the people of Taiwan must show more will and determination to defend sovereignty, freedom and democracy in order to protect the country.

Taiwan's Jijingao city councilor candidates gathered outside Pompeo's speech to express their welcome.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)