Zheng Yuyan PO produced a comparison of the original version (left) and the modified version (right) of Changhua's "Volunteer Service Mascot".

(Picture taken from Zheng Yuyan's Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The Changhua County Government recently launched the "Volunteer Service Mascot" and held a creative naming event. However, the mascot's appearance in Yangchun was criticized by a large number of netizens, and it unexpectedly became a hot topic.

In this regard, Zheng Yuyan, a candidate for the Changhua County Council of Times Power, PO released the prototype of the mascot, only to know that the Yangchun mascot that everyone saw was a "magic-modified" version, which made Zheng Yuyan exclaimed: "What happened in the middle? !"

The "Volunteer Service Mascot" promoted by the Changhua County Government has recently sparked heated discussions on the Internet. Many people complained that the mascot "has no sense of design", "Broken pudding?", "Are you sure it costs money?" Ask someone to design it?" In response, Zheng Yuyan shared the original drawing on Facebook and said, "In the initial LOGO call for submissions, the work that won the first place did not look like this, but took the shape of Changhua County as the outline. After his anthropomorphism, he holds a heart in both hands, which is considered very cute by many netizens, and it is not difficult to understand why he can win the first place."

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However, the original picture that won the first place was later "magically changed" for unknown reasons. "Put the two pictures together, and you will find that except for the shape of Changhua County, they are completely different designs. Interestingly, We went to read the entry brochure and found that one of the regulations required the original author to transfer the property rights of the work to the county government. That is to say, after the county government got the design, it can be changed as it likes. There is absolutely no need to respect the designer and the original selection. result."

Zheng Yuyan couldn't help but ask: "What's the point of spending such money on public elections? The process of "Magic Reform" doesn't seem to be able to see the design profession. Is the tax money of Changhua County residents spent like this? Finally, " Who decides to change the design? "Who decides" to convert the original graphic design into a three-dimensional mascot? Will the county government have any improvement measures in the future? Please answer these questions well!"