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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), home to the global business and travel center Dubai, will ease the requirements for wearing masks imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic, BTA reports, citing the Associated Press.

From tomorrow, the wearing of masks in public places will not be mandatory, except for medical centers, mosques and public transport, the official news agency UAM reported.

Masks will not be mandatory in schools.

However, food workers, as well as all people who are proven infected or suspected of being infected with the coronavirus, will have to continue to wear a mask.

At the start of the pandemic in 2020, Dubai, home to the world's busiest international airport, was forced to suspend all passenger flights and close its airports for eight weeks. 

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Unlike the capital Abu Dhabi, however, Dubai quickly lifted restrictions on visitors.

Last year, more than 29.1 million passengers passed through Dubai International Airport.

However, this number is far less than before the pandemic.

For comparison, 86.4 million passengers were registered in 2019, AP notes.

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