The major elections do not yet know North and South who will form a government?

But the election to fix the prime minister of Roi Et Province on Sunday

Mr. Seksit Wai Niyompong, Pheu Thai Party, won a single roll.

With a huge score of 301,202 points!!

Cut down a big bone (from Uncle 3 Por Camp) almost two hundred thousand points.

Plus, winning over 19 districts from 20 districts!!

But what makes the Puea Thai party's heart swell

Because it was a victory for the election of the president of PAO 2 provinces in a row in 2 months.

Starting from the middle of August

Election battle to repair the prime minister

Kalasin Provincial Administrative Organization Mrs. Chalermkwan Lortrakul, Pheu Thai Party, reached the finish line with 249,093 points.

Overthrow the old champion, Mr. Chanuwat Waramit, former prime minister of Kalasin Provincial Administration Organization.

broken pen

"Mae Lukchan" pointed out that the victory in the election of the president of the Provincial Administrative Organization 2 fields in a row is a "warm-up" before going directly to the big election battle.

Give the Pheu Thai Party an opportunity to assess the results of the election.

MPs in advance

Winning the election, Doubleland Slide pointed out that the Isan election field is still a stronghold of the Pheu Thai Party.

The Pheu Thai Party still holds the hearts of the Isan brothers and sisters unchanged.

Important point: The election battle for the chairman of the Provincial Administrative Organization is a good time to launch "Ung Ing" Paethongtarn Shinawatra, the son of Father Meo and the granddaughter of Apu as the head of the Pheu Thai family.

To strengthen the power of the Pheu Thai Party to move forward into the big election, double the size!!

Moreover, the latest win in the election of the president of PAO 2 provinces is a guarantee that

Pheu Thai Party has reserved tickets for MPs in Roi Et province for all 7 districts.

and reserve tickets for MPs in Kalasin Province, all 6 districts for sure

Equal to the Pheu Thai Kin Nim party, 13 members of the district MPs already!!

"Mae Luk Chan" emphasizes that the benefits from the government of Uncle Tu's downfall

Opportunities for the Pheu Thai Party

MPs increased substantially.

Consequences of constitutional amendments

Abandoning the single ballot system and reverting to the original two ballot system

will open the door of heaven for the Pheu Thai Party

No less than 25 MPs on the list of members of the House of Representatives!!

After the 2019 elections, the Pheu Thai Party did not.

Even one member of the list of MPs

Important: Increasing the number of MPs in the district from 350 districts to 400 districts

will facilitate the Pheu Thai Party to gain seats

At least 40 additional MPs in the district

Add, subtract, multiply, divide

new election battle

Pheu Thai Party will get more than 200 MPs!!

But will it be successful to spin the total of 250 people??

Still have to win the last curve... 30 days before the election

You have to wait to evaluate your opponent as well.

"Moon Moon"