At this time, Udon Thani province

the center of the northeastern region

Is very active after Laos PDR opens the country to accept tourists.

since last May

There are Thai and foreign tourists traveling to travel.


As a result, the number of flights to Udon Thani increased. At the same time, many tourists from Lao PDR traveled across the country to visit Thailand as well. Some of them flew to Bangkok for shopping. In addition, Udon Thani Province

is also a pilot province

in the regional economic and social development plan of the Northeast as well

Udon Thani Province

Today and in the future, it is in the eye of investors.

Mr. Sawat Thiraratananukulchai

Vice President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Northeastern Economic Development Committee said that the Northeastern Development Plan

Initially, it will be used

The travel theme is the highlight.

because it can be linked to agriculture

education and more

At the same time, it will use

“Udon Thani Province” is the logistics center of the Northeastern region.

because Udon Thani is

The center of the Mekong Sub-region is already able to connect with neighboring countries such as Lao PDR.

Dr. Chaturong Bunnag,

chairman of the Thai-Laos Business Council, also revealed that it's been 3 months since the Lao PDR opened the country.

There are Thai tourists and

Lao PDR has crossed over 5 hundred thousand people and it is estimated that there are more than 800 million baht in spending.

Increase the train journey from 2 trips to 3 trips on weekdays and 4 trips on weekends.

If China has a lockdown in October

More tourists are expected.

Friday 30 September – Sunday 2 October Finance and Banking Magazine, together with commercial banks, state banks and financial institutions

will go up to the event

The 9th Money Expo Udon Thani at Udon Thani Hall, Central Udon Thani Shopping Center

There are loans and financial services for investment to serve residents of Udon Thani and the upper northeastern provinces, including Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, who cross the Mekong to invest every year.

Mr. Paknee Wiriyarangsarit

Managing Editor, Banking and Finance Journal


The 9th Money Expo Udon Thani revealed that this event was organized under the concept of "Wealth to Wellness" in collaboration with commercial banks, state banks, financial institutions.

Bring financial services for investment, deposits, home loans, SME loans.

Personal loans, life insurance, insurance, as well as savings lottery, lucky draw with special promotions only in the event.

to provide comprehensive services, finishing in one place

In this work, I see

It is useful to people and small businesses of all levels because of easy access and special promotions.

lowest interest loan

high interest deposit

Most importantly, there are many services to choose from.

Let me give you some examples of special promotions.

There are so many that I can't write.

For example, home loan, 0.99% interest for 1 year, home loan for money, 3% interest, can borrow 10 million baht, total debt with home loan, 4.72% interest, 20 million baht loan, home refinancing loan, 3.75% interest, business rehabilitation loan, 2% interest The first 2 years, SME Smart Shop loans do not require collateral, SMEs Re-Start loans starting at 5.5%, borrowing 5 million baht, 3D loans 4.5% interest, 50 million baht borrowing, revolving loans, 0% interest, 3 accounting cycles, 56 Extra Bonus deposits. Up to 10.56%, tax-free, life insurance, pension, 12% tax-deductible

and there is also a seminar "Point to Reset Thai Stock Market" for investors in the stock market.

Every crisis has an opportunity.

Today, the opportunity has reached the upper northeastern region.

Every dream can come true here.

If you are brave and able to learn

To increase the chances for yourself.

"The wind changes direction"