Chen Shizhong, the Democratic Progressive Party's candidate for mayor of Taipei, went to Chenggong Market on the 27th to visit the streets to win the support of stall traders and the public.

(Photo by reporter Liao Zhenhui)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] According to statistics from the Central Epidemic Command Center, government vaccines have expired and scrapped 1.2 billion yuan, of which the high-end accounts for 500 million yuan. The Kuomintang Taipei mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan criticized this morning. The party's candidate for Taipei mayor, Chen Shizhong, purchased a commander who was black-hearted and unacceptable to be the mayor of Taipei; Chen Shizhong said that he should pay attention to the use of such slanderous words by candidates.

Jiang Wanan and former President Ma Ying-jeou went to Xinglong Park for morning exercise this morning, had a breakfast meeting with Yonghe soymilk, and then went to Mucha Market to sweep the streets.

Jiang Wanan said in an interview that Taiwanese people do not trust high-end, and they can see that they trust BNT, and BNT reimbursement is only 1/9 of the high-end. An internationally accepted commander will be the mayor of Taipei.”

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When asked by the media, when Jiang Wanan and Ma Ying-jeou went to Xinglong Park to pay their respects, they bowed three times to the bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek in the park. To force others, as for what to do, we all respect.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, who has a clear stand for Taiwan, was invited to Taiwan, but the focus of his trip was in the south, and he didn’t come to Taipei. , the north is the capital, if there is a basic contact, Taiwan is not so big, and it is also a good opportunity to return to Taipei to have some exchanges. This time he went to the south without any special problems.