From today to next Monday, the subtropical high pressure will be enveloped, and the weather in Taiwan will be stable.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] There are currently two typhoons active in the western Pacific Ocean, but neither of them poses a threat to Taiwan. There is still a chance that other tropical systems will develop in the coming week. From today (September 27) to next Monday ( October 3) Covered by the subtropical high pressure, the weather across Taiwan was stable, with the high temperature rising to 35 or 36 degrees during the day, giving it the feeling of an autumn tiger.

Wu Derong, an adjunct associate professor of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Central University, said in the "Sanli Quasi-Meteorology. The Boss Xie Tianji" that the latest European Model (ECMWF) simulation shows that the middle atmosphere is covered by subtropical high pressure from today to next Monday, and the weather is stable. There is a chance of sporadic rain in the middle and southern mountainous areas in the mid-afternoon and in the afternoon; Wu Derong reminded that the ultraviolet rays may reach "excessive" and "dangerous" levels around noon, so pay attention to sun protection.

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From today onwards, it will be hot in the daytime and cool in the morning and evening, with a large temperature difference between day and night. The high temperature during the day rises to 35 or 36 degrees, which is the "autumn tiger" weather pattern.

Today's temperatures are as follows: 22 to 35 degrees in the north, 23 to 35 degrees in the center, 23 to 36 degrees in the south, and 20 to 35 degrees in the east.

In the tropical system part, Zhongtai Nuolu continues to move westward and moves toward Vietnam, with a slight intensification trend; Light Taiwan Kula is on the northern sea surface of Iwo Jima, moving north-northwest and then turning northeast, all at sea; Shuangtai There is no threat to Taiwan, Wu Derong reminded that the Northwest Pacific will still be in the "active period of tropical disturbance" in the next week, and the model simulation has the probability of the development of other tropical systems, and should continue to observe.