Regarding whether South Korea sent troops to support the Taiwan Strait crisis, South Korean President Yoon Sek-yue did not make a statement.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] South Korean President Yun Xiyue said in an exclusive interview a few days ago that South Korea is willing to work with the United States to extend freedom to the world. As for whether South Korea will support the United States in the event of a conflict in the Taiwan Strait, he has no positive response.

He also emphasized that when China launches a military attack on Taiwan, North Korea is likely to be involved, and the US-ROK alliance should pay attention to this.

According to a Reuters report, Yin Xiyue said in an exclusive interview broadcast by the US media "CNN" on the 26th that because North Korea signed a mutual defense treaty with China, Pyongyang may coordinate with Beijing to send troops; or use the Taiwan Strait crisis to achieve its own "military" Target".

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Just when Yin Xiyue was asked about "China's invasion of Taiwan", will South Korea support the US to intervene in this matter?

He did not answer directly, turning the subject to the South Korean government's "diplomatic efforts" to support stability in the Taiwan Strait.

He also added that the United States and South Korea have signed a mutual defense treaty since the Korean War, and there are still 28,500 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea.

China is South Korea's largest economic partner, and South Korea has always maintained a friendly diplomatic line with China.

If China invades Taiwan and there is a military conflict, the South Korean government will find itself unable to withdraw, even if the conflict has nothing to do with its own country.