This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Ukrinform writes.

"We share a common neighborhood, as well as common threats and challenges.

What we see in Ukraine, which is a neighbor of both NATO and the EU, matters to all of us.

I recently spoke with President Zelensky, and I told him once again that NATO allies, Europe, North America, our partners - we stand by in solidarity with him.

We admire the courage of the people of Ukraine and its Armed Forces, which they demonstrate," he noted.

The official emphasized that what is currently happening in Ukraine is a brutal war of aggression on the part of Russia, a gross violation of international law, and an absolutely groundless invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of a neighboring country.

"I say this again because it is important to understand that if we do not respond to this brutal war, then we will undermine not only the security of Ukraine, but also our own security.

Then President Putin and other totalitarian leaders will conclude that by using military force and violating international law they can get whatever they want.

It would be bad for Ukraine, but it would also be bad for us.

That is why we are increasing joint assistance to Ukraine during these months," the NATO Secretary General emphasized.

NATO and the EU are consistently on the path of rapprochement, which is not surprising, since they have many members in common.

"When Finland joins NATO, 96 percent of people living in the European Union, in European countries, will be under the protection of NATO.

So we really have a lot in common," Jens Stoltenberg summed up.

It will be recalled that Stoltenberg called on NATO countries to urgently replenish their stockpiles of weapons in order to support Ukraine.

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