Police hunt ex-husband just out of jail

According to the former wife of the owner of the pork roast shop, before carrying a 9 mm gun, shot dead at the shop.

Ajarn Chaturaphak Phiman, Roi Et, a friend reveals that the dead were severely harassed by their ex-husband.

but did not dare to report

because she is worried about her mother

fear of being attacked

He was eventually shot dead. 

From an outrageous killing incident at 8:30 p.m. on 26 Sept. 65, Pol. Capt. Namkhet, Deputy Inspector of Investigation

Chaturaphak Phiman Police Station

Was informed that there was an assault with a firearm.

There were deaths at the scene.

In front of the house, No. 13/1, Village No. 16, Ban Dong Daeng, Nong Daeng Subdistrict, Chaturaphak Phiman District

Roi Et Province

The scene of the accident was a 2-storey front of the house, half-mortar-half-timbered.

Which below is open as a buffet restaurant.

A woman's body was found lying supine in a pool of blood on the plaster floor in front of the cashier's desk.

The body was shot with a firearm in the head through the nape of the neck 1 shot, cheeks pierced the nape of the neck 1 shot and neck 1 shot. At the scene of the accident, 3 shells of 9 mm guns and 2 9 mm ammunition rounds were found. Names are known. The deceased was Mrs. Wipada Tan Ho, or Ae, 39, the shop owner, while the culprit was the former husband of the deceased.

The name is Mr. Anusorn Boonmak or Tommy, 40 years old. The couple used to live together for about a year without getting married.

and a widowed woman with two children, opened a roast beef shop with her children

After the shooting of his ex-wife

Anusorn fled on a motorcycle.

Most recently, in the morning of September 27, reporters went to the scene of the accident.

Found relatives and villagers to talk about what happened.

Relatives at the scene

The police invited him for further questioning at the police station.

Asked a friend of the deceased, said that before the accident the deceased had called to consult.

that the ex-husband was rampant and crazy about destroying things inside the shop until it was damaged

But the deceased did not dare to report to the police.

because if the ex-husband knows he will invade and attack

He didn't know what to do.

because the deceased lives with his mother

and did not want the ex-husband to have a contemplative case because he had just been released from the sentence

He therefore advised him that if he did not want to notify the police, he had to inform the village headman to intervene and mediate. Less than an hour after the phone call ended, he learned that the deceased had been shot and killed by his ex-husband.

I feel very sorry for the sudden loss of a friend at the hands of my ex-husband that I used to love.

I want the police to hurry up and catch the bad guys as soon as possible.

The investigating officer

Chaturaphak Phiman Police Station

has expedited the collection of evidence, surveillance cameras, and additional interrogation of surrounding witnesses

In the process of asking for approval, the court issued an arrest warrant for the perpetrator, Mr. Anusorn Boonmak, or Tommy, 40 years old, on 3 main charges. 1. Carrying a gun in a public way without reasonable cause.

2. Injuring another person's body causing death

3. Possession of firearms without permission

and will add more charges later

If more errors are found.