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Heavy rains in Albania since yesterday, September 26, have brought a number of problems to the area of ​​the northern Albanian city of Shkodra, Albanian Radio and Television (RTSH) reported.

According to official information from the municipality of Puka, which is located in the central part of northern Albania, the rising rivers caused significant damage to rural roads, bridges, buildings and irrigation canals.

According to information from the same source, about 80 km of roads were damaged.

Two of the roads in the area are completely destroyed, and there are massive landslides on the Bitsai - Blinisht - Krova roads, as well as on all rural roads of the administrative unit.

In this area, the Ras Kuzhen irrigation canal, the bridge of the village of Jejan and the roof of the local school were also damaged.

Bad weather also caused problems in the Dukagini area near Shkodra.

Because of the rising rivers, the bridge that connects two villages in the area - the village of Tet with the village of Nderlyusai - was damaged.

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In the area below Shkodra, heavy rains overnight have flooded several hectares of land.

The village of Darajat is at risk of flooding, as the Buna river has washed away part of the embankment and there is a danger that the latter will collapse.

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For the time being, the situation in the Shkodra region is under observation, and local institutions are in action to overcome the damage and take measures on the ground in areas with a high risk of flooding.

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