The Taiguan Office will increase 10 beds considering that some facilities of Nanhu Quangu Mountain House are old and lack of beds.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junqi)

[Reporter Wang Junqi / Hualien Report] With the popularity of mountaineering, the Taroko National Park Management Office took stock of the current situation of mountain houses. Among them, Nanhu Circle Valley and Yunling Mountain House on the main line of Nanhu Lake, due to some old facilities and insufficient beds, are expected to be in November. It will be gradually refurbished, adding 10 beds each, while strengthening trail facilities and ecological toilets to provide a more friendly climbing environment.

Nanhu Quangu Mountain House and Yunling Mountain House have been constructed and used for more than 10 years. At present, there are 40 and 55 beds respectively. Some facilities are old and there are insufficient beds. After the evaluation of the Taiguan Office and the suggestions of mountain friends, it was decided to remove the existing kitchen of the mountain house. There is space to be renovated into beds. Each mountain house is expected to add 10 beds. Moving out of the kitchen can reduce the disturbance of mountain friends.

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Nie Shizhao, head of the Recreation Service Section of the Taiguan Office, said that the improvement of the Yunling Mountain House will be carried out manually, while the Nanhu Quangu Mountain House will need the support of the Air Crew Corps. And renovated the Nanhu main line trail facilities, including milestones, signs, steps, and re-stabilized the rock nails and ropes on the cliffs of Wuyanfeng.

Taiguan Office expects that the renovation of Yunling Mountain House will include 10 beds in the accommodation area on the right, the kitchen and the entrance entrance. From December 1st, the application for 10 beds in the accommodation area on the right side of the mountain house will be suspended until it is completed. It is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the end of March next year; Nanhu Circle Valley The ecological toilet is expected to be constructed from November 1 to 20, when the public backpack storage area will be temporarily suspended.