come fast, claim fast

A few moments later, a shy, anonymous “source” from the Election Commission (EC) rushed to defend the team.

"Big Brother" guarantees a large banner to welcome "Big Pom" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister, acting for the Prime Minister.

as the head of the Pracharat Power Camp

on the journey to attend the ceremony

"Um Phra Diving" in Phetchabun Province

There is a picture of Mr. Santi Prompat, Deputy Minister of Finance, secretary-general of the Democratic Party, and MPs from Makham Wan.

ready for the applicant

MPs for the Pracharath Power Camp

show off face

From examining the problem label, there are no details that may qualify as a campaign label.

contrary to the regulations of

Election Commission in any way

according to their style

"Immune" is strong, not easily caught in snare.

different from the guys

“Rice noodles – thin noodles” that do not have security guarantees.

Compared to the case of the Thai Future Forward Party team, the giant billboard that was portrayed by Somkid had to be retired.

Jatusripitak with Motto "New Party, New Ideas

Thai people are well-being.”

even though it has just been installed in various corners of Bangkok for a few days

Danger. The style of "low immunity" is not at risk of dying in shallow water easily.

under the conditions

The Election Commission's 180-day rule of thumb for refining the "iron rule" to control the campaign of professional electoral voters is said to be unclear.

Entering the square, discriminating "bundle hands" unilaterally

especially the government sector that has an advantage in using the powers and duties of the ministers to walk in the area

Claims to inspect the government, but hides a smooth campaign game

In contrast to the opposition, who were locked out of moving easily, even funeral "wreaths" had to be suspended.

And the most tiring is the new brand.

red flag political party

that cannot use the status of minister in a smooth manner

Opportunity to make your name popular in the market

Selling a new alternative

more and more tired


That's just looking at the old angle.

But in the current information age

Society has changed face to face, Thai people "knowingly"

The power game in the era of "Lice God wears his pants" is not easy to deceive each other.

On the contrary, they are clearly taking advantage of each other.

pushing too much to create a different picture between "big line" and "small line"

Holding each other's necks without looking at the boat's eyes

The current can be reversed.


It is said that according to the trend among the coalition government that has been caught "big line", relying on the hidden side of the status of holding state power in a dangerous 180-day election campaign

Seems to be focused on 2 camps, 2 brands, spotlights

Go to the Pracharat Party

With the Krian Sera Kroo team, proud of Thais more than friends.

The way you see the need to counter the opposition, answer questions from the media, make excuses for skirmishes.

That reflects how distrustful behaviour is.

But there is one camp among the ruling coalition that has not been criticized for being taken advantage of.

staring at a friend's neck

both in the corner of the opposition

or even conflict among themselves in the government

Chart Thai Pattana Party

Hold yourself in a calmer situation than anyone else

Recently, there was a big move when "Noona" Ms. Kanchana Silpa-archa put a gear back, resigned from the party leader.

Open the way to change the new party management team.

and can bet the lottery

The replacement will be "The Top", Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa, Minister of Natural Resources.

that over the course of almost 4 years, showing a professional management form

and form political fangs

Accumulate flying hours to be at the forefront.

Tight profile, support base

with the target gradually moving from 10 sounds to 20 sounds

"Warawut" carries the flag of the general comfortably.

Can fight without getting tired.

political news team