The German government announced today that it will keep two of the three nuclear power plants still operating in the country until April 2023, hoping to prevent a possible power shortage this winter, world agencies reported, cited by BTA. 

The Isar 2 and Neckarvestheim power plants will be kept as a reserve until April 15, 2023, and this year it will be decided whether their life will be extended in accordance with the situation with nuclear energy in neighboring France, the Ministry of Economy in Berlin said.

Olaf Scholz: Germany is ready for winter, despite reduced gas supplies from Russia

"Today I have to say that according to the data from France ( . . .) we will resort to them and use the reserve," said Economy Minister Robert Habeck. 

The decision, while temporary, represents a reversal of Germany's long-held plan to shut down its remaining nuclear plants by the end of the year. 

Like a number of other European countries, Germany is struggling to maintain energy supplies and heat homes in winter despite cuts in gas supplies from Russia amid the war in Ukraine. 


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