Open the sky to light the world, write to Ukraine often

But when there is a stream of requests to write

have to write again

Each country has a variety of information.

depending on which side to hear from

Yesterday I learned to use that.

Ukraine is like Cambodia.

With Thai as a father, with a Vietnamese mother as a mother, having problems with the father, he ran to his mother.

I had a problem with my mother and I ran to my father.

The main problem in some countries is dating.

When the Ukrainian Cossacks contracted Zborei with Poland.

Concerning Poland to accept Ukraine's sovereignty

Ukraine has signed

But he went to sign the Pereyaslav Treaty with Russia in 1654 again, asking Russia to help counter Poland's power.

Pereyaslav this is a troublesome treaty.

Ukraine said that we went to make a contract with you.

because I want you to give me power with Poland

The Russian side said, ah, no.

He accepted the power of the Tsar of Russia.

You are our subordinate.

Getting into this wood, Ukraine was stunned. Later, Ukraine had problems with Belarus.

Russia intervened.

Ukraine does not trust and asks for a contract with Poland again.

called the Hadith Treaty.

The main point of the treaty is that

Ukraine wants to be a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The Polish nobles did not trust Ukraine.

was against this treaty and refused to ratify it.

Even if the Ukrainian leaders took the land to offer to Poland.

But Poland didn't.

Plus Poland also went to tell Russia.

Russia and Poland then divided the land of Ukraine.

Ukraine is very difficult.

Resisting to rule the land, there is no end of problems.

Ukrainian leaders traveled to give land to this person.

Wandering around to take out distant countries to fight with neighbors that are bordering each other.

Frogs choose Mr. Russia and Poland share the land according to the Andrusovo Pact signed by Russia and Poland together.

The division of Ukraine was made mainly by taking the Dnieper River.

The land of western Ukraine is on the right bank of the river.

to Poland. Here, there are the states of Galicia and Volhinia.

The eastern part of the Dnieper River in Ukraine belongs to Russia.

Poland has come to rule

took the Ukrainian people as slaves on the land

Used to farm the fields to produce produce for the Polish people to be full of bears, when they were betrayed by both parents.

Ukraine went to beg for mercy.

Please from outsiders to help.

This outsider is the Ottomans (Turkish). Anyone who studies the history of Ukraine will find that Ukraine has always been an outsider in the region.

So it's no surprise that in 2022 President Zelensky is going to bring the United States and NATO to Russia.

Those who have never read the history of this area might be reluctant.

But we are alone

because events like this happen repeatedly

(Frequently) This time, Ukraine went to battle the Ottomans with its neighboring borders.

Far countries can only support weapons and equipment.

about manpower

The Ukrainian soldiers had to fight with the Polish soldiers themselves.

In the end, both the Ottomans and Ukraine were defeated by Poland.

Then what next? The Ottomans, who at that time were the world's first superpowers.

(Like the US these days) said ah, I'm going Crane.

Crane needs to take good care of himself.

As soon as the Ottomans returned to urinating in their own country in 1681, this time they stood dominantly on the Dnieper river estate.

There were only Ukrainian soldiers, Polish soldiers, and Russian soldiers.

Poland attacks Ukrainian citizens harder than ever

As for the land of Ukraine that the Russians rule

Russia then swallowed the nation, saying, 'Ah Crane, we are Slavs together.

Let's fuse together

What will happen next?

Please allow me to continue with the next opportunity.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai