The American diplomat noted that the USA plans to introduce a resolution condemning Russia for the so-called "referendums".

The US ambassador made such a statement during the meeting of the UN Security Council, which was convened due to Russian pseudo-referendums on Tuesday, September 27. 

"We know that the results of fake referendums were pre-determined in Moscow. They do not express the will of the Ukrainian people. The will of Ukrainians is clear every day when they fight for their state, protecting territorial integrity and sovereignty. The Ukrainian people have already demonstrated that they will never accept submission The Russian Federation. This Council and the international community must do the same.

Let me be clear. The United States will never recognize any occupation of territories by Russia. They will be considered Ukrainian

," Linda Thomas-Greenfield emphasized.

The US ambassador to the UN called on America's partners to introduce appropriate sanctions against the Russian Federation and provide support to Ukraine.

She emphasized that by making these decisions, the UN countries protect the Organization's Charter in this way.

"During the regular meetings of the Council, we constantly heard that the Charter must be respected, but it is not enough to call for it. We must defend it personally, that is, defend Ukraine and the victim of the atrocities of the Russian Federation.

We must condemn both the aggression of the Russian Federation and the attempts to annex Ukraine.

This will demonstrate that we demand peace and that Russia respect the UN Charter. If we do not, we will allow Russia to continue to break the law. Russia started this war, and I hope that every member of this Council will do the right thing by upholding international law and the Charter UN,

calling on the Russian Federation to stop these actions immediately,

" she said.

The diplomat warned the Russian Federation that if the Russian Federation rejects attempts to annex Ukraine, the United States will let Moscow know that it will receive a response. 

"Ukraine's struggle is not only a struggle for survival, but also for democracy and the very principles that are dear to us. That is why we will submit a resolution that condemns fake referendums and will call on states to recognize the status of Ukraine and force the Russian Federation to withdraw its troops from Ukraine .

The fake referendums of the Russian Federation may open a "Pandora's box" that we will not be able to close.

Accordingly, we encourage reaffirming our commitment to the UN Charter and confronting these challenges. If the Russian Federation chooses to distance itself from responsibility, then we will send a message to Moscow that we will defend the Charter. We must have courage and support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. This is the protection of our collective affairs. This is truly peace and security," the American ambassador concluded.

It will be recalled that on September 27, a meeting of the UN Security Council convened at the request of the United States and Albania began in New York.

It is planned to discuss the situation with the so-called "referendums" in the occupied Ukrainian territories. collected the most important statements of representatives of different countries.

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