This holiday has another name - All-Ukrainian Day of Preschool Workers (Preschool Education). 

History of the holiday

Educator's Day in Ukraine began to be celebrated in 2011, when the Cabinet of Ministers approved Resolution N 629 of April 13, 2011 on the program for the development of preschool education until 2017, as well as after the resolution of the First All-Ukrainian Congress of Preschool Education Workers.

Every year on this day, it is customary to welcome educators in kindergartens, celebrate achievements in the professional sphere, hold festive events, and arrange concerts.

Also on this day, educators can attend professional seminars and conferences to improve their skills.

Greetings on Teacher's Day - cool sms

We send everyone a low bow,

For love, effort,

For this second native home,

Good upbringing.

May this kindergarten continue

to beckon children,

May it live and prosper,

May it not know adversity.


Educators, our dear ones,

The kindest and best!

We congratulate you, we are grateful to you,

because you perform your difficult tasks


conscientiously and conscientiously! 

Such a vocation was given to you by fate -

to give your heart to children with love.

This life path was chosen a long time ago

. The profession is wonderful - an educator!


At this festive autumn time,

accept our wishes!

May your health be strong, like granite,

and you will live with it for at least a hundred years.

Let grief bypass you,

and happiness comes and flows like a river!

Let joy come to you every day,

And old age wanders somewhere,

So that you never grow old,

And you become young in soul.

Pictures and greeting cards

Educator's Day greetings in prose

Thank you for your hard and sometimes invisible work.

Thanks to your love for babies, your sincere care and professionalism, it is much easier for us, parents, to raise children.

We wish you an inexhaustible source of strength, health, inspiration and creativity!

Happiness, warmth, prosperity to your families!


I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on this important day.

Thank you for the kind heart and dedication with which you work, with which you give children love and care.

We wish to live in abundance, and let happiness, like a best friend, always go hand in hand with you.


Dear our most kind and good educators, allow me to congratulate you on a professional holiday.

Let the restless ones, to whom you give love and care, always be happy, your houses will be full of happiness, and everything in life will turn out successfully and as dreamed.


Happy Teacher's Day to all preschool workers.

I want to smile every day, have fun, rejoice and believe in miracles like a child.

Let work take you to the wonderful world of dreams and fairy tales, let life be kind, happy and colorful.

Health, patience, strength and great daily inspiration to you.


Congratulations on the professional holiday of people whose spirituality, warmth and kindness of heart help the most important thing - the formation of a child's personality.

We wish you spring in the soul, cheerfulness, joyful events, health and creative inspiration.