What holiday is September 28 in the church calendar

On September 28,

the memory of Saint Nikita Gotfsky is

commemorated .

What do we know about this day?

The church calendar for September 28 is the day of commemoration of Saint Nikita Gotfskyi

On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, the church honors the memory of Saint Nikita Gotfsky.

After being baptized, he began to preach Christianity among his Goth tribesmen.

Nikita zealously exposed the sins of the pagan ruler Atanarich, for which he was arrested and subjected to torture.

The pagans wanted to force the Christian to renounce his faith, but Nikita was firm.

In the end, the martyr was sentenced to death by burning, but the fire did not burn the saint's body.

Later, the relics of Nikita Gotskyi were transferred to Constantinople.

Church calendar for September 28: video

Folk signs

  • If it is clear on September 28, it will be windy the next day.

  • It is raining - to late and damp spring.

  • Many anthills in the forest - before the cold winter.

  • If the goose went missing on Nikita, the waterman took it away.

  • Wild geese sit on the ground - until a warm autumn.

What not to do on September 28

  • On this day, it is better not to go near water bodies, as it is believed that water may attract.

    The only way to avoid such a fate is to give him a goose carcass, just throw it into the water.

  • At home, it is better not to give anything valuable to anyone, the householder may get angry that he did not find the loss and start taking revenge in the house.

  • It is forbidden to quarrel with close people.

  • Don't flaunt your achievements.

  • You can't hold evil against your enemies.