A few days ago, American Boeing planes went on full combat duty against the background of information about the use of nuclear weapons by the head of the Kremlin.

Military expert, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Chernyk spoke on the YouTube channel of TSN about the preparations of the United States.

"The Americans are not the kind of people who will make futile decisions. Their intelligence communities have reached certain conclusions about a possible tactical nuclear strike," the expert noted.

He added that not only a tactical strike on Ukraine is possible.

"In my opinion, the strike can be not only on Ukraine. Putin understands that he is physically doomed, so he can dare not only a tactical, but also a strategic nuclear strike. Then the problem becomes global," - added Chernyk.

It will be recalled that previously diplomat and international expert Ruslan Osypenko emphasized that 

Putin can be stopped in two ways

: either to convey what the consequences of a nuclear attack on Ukraine will be for Russia and himself, or to hand over nuclear weapons to Ukraine.

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