Roger Waters

actively supported Putin's political regime.

However, when the artist's concerts in Europe began to be boycotted, and the Kremlin dictator threatened to launch a nuclear attack, Waters changed his rhetoric dramatically.

In particular, the musician wrote an open letter to Putin on Facebook.

Roger was satisfied with the position of a political criminal about the alleged protection of the Russian-speaking population of Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk.

Roger Waters / Photo: Associated Press

However, when Putin began to threaten a nuclear strike, Waters was outraged.

"I know some people who think you want to take over all of Europe, starting with Poland and the rest of the Baltic states. If that's the case, then fuck off and we could all stop playing the extremely dangerous nuclear game. Just tear each other and the world apart. The problem is that I have children and grandchildren. As do most of my brothers and sisters around the world. And none of us will like that outcome. So please, Mr. Putin, give us this confidence," Waters spoke sharply.

In addition, the musician said that it turns out that he was outraged by Russia's invasion of the territory of Ukraine.

True, he made such statements after his concerts began to be boycotted.

"Your invasion of Ukraine caught me completely by surprise, it was a disgusting war of aggression, whether provoked or not," Waters said to Putin.

It should be noted that the Pink Floyd group has a different position than the former frontman of the group.

So, the musicians condemn the actions of the Russian Federation and have banned listening to their music in Russia and Belarus.

In addition, the stars released the track Hey Hey Rise Up, in which the anthem of the Sich riflemen "Oi vu luzi khrovona kalyna" sounds, performed by the soloist of the "Bumboks" band Andrii Khlyvnyuk.

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