A Russian opposition activist was beaten and raped by police in Moscow after taking part in a poetry reading against the war in Ukraine.

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According to the Russian independent newspaper "Novaya Gazeta", the apartment of the 31-year-old poet Artyom Kamardin was searched by the law enforcement authorities on Monday.

A source familiar with the incident told the publication that the police "severely beat" Kamardin and inserted a dumbbell into his anus.

Kamardin was then forced to issue an apology, which was videotaped by the police and later uploaded to Telegram.

Bullets fly during an anti-war protest in Russia

Kamardin's friend - Alexandra Popova, who was also in his apartment during the search, said that she was also threatened that she would be raped by five policemen.

According to her, there was 600 dollars set aside in their home, which disappeared after the search.

Leonid Solovyov, Kamardin's lawyer, confirmed his client's testimony that he was beaten and raped in front of Kommersant.

The anti-Kremlin punk group "Pussy Paradise" also announced the case.

Our comrade, Russian activist Artyom Kamardin, was tortured and raped by the Russian police, they wrote on Twitter.

Our comrade, Russian activist Artem Kamardin was tortured and raped just now by Russian police

Cops severely beat Kamardin and put a dumbbell in his anus, says his girlfriend, who policemen forced to witness the rape.

She was beaten & threatened to be raped by 5 policemen.


— (@pussyrrriot) September 26, 2022

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