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Tomorrow, September 28, a day of mourning has been announced in Straldja in memory of the 31-year-old policeman killed by a drunk driver on the road last night.

This was reported to BTA by the mayor of the municipality, Atanas Kirov.

The policeman from Straldzha who died in the line of duty is Gennady Troev.

His funeral will be tomorrow at the city's central cemetery.

All holiday events in the municipality have been cancelled, Deputy Mayor Grozdan Ivanov added.

In his Facebook profile, the mayor of Straldzha published a photo of the policeman and an emotional post on the occasion of the tragic incident.

"In your career as a goalkeeper, you made countless saves, but last night you failed to make the most important save. You will forever remain in my heart," Kirov wrote.

On the Straldzha - Malenovo road last night, a 44-year-old driver with over 1.2 per million of alcohol and previous offenses hit and killed a police officer.

Law enforcement officers were sent to the scene after a report of suspicions of a migrant walking on the side of the road.

The drunk driver's car hits them at the moment of inspection. 

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