Marine lieutenant Serhiy Stratichuk found himself surrounded in Mariupol and disappeared from contact, and later it turned out that he was wounded and



During 162 days in the Russian labor camps, Serhiy was never able to call his beloved Alexandra Bezsmertna or even write a message.

She wrote to him every day - consulted, said that she loved and believed that he would definitely return to her. 

This story, published in the "Edyny Novy" marathon, is about a very great love and an incredibly difficult separation.

They managed to get married last fall - they got married in one day, barely had time to buy wedding rings

Fragile marine Oleksandra prayed and wrote to Sergius every day, hoping that he would return and read.

Serhiy returned from captivity on September 22.

He lost a lot of weight: he weighed 120, and now - 89.

"They look at each other in love and now they know for sure - Immortal did not pray and wait for nothing, and Serhiy is now also a little Immortal," the story says.

They have already planned a wedding in the national style, and of course children.

And for complete happiness, it is not enough just for the blue-yellow flag to be once again in every Ukrainian city and village.

It will be recalled that Ukraine and Russia conducted a large-scale exchange of prisoners. 

215 people were released from Russian captivity

, including 108 Azov fighters and 10 foreign volunteers.

In response, Ukraine released 55 occupiers and the godfather of Vladimir Putin 

, Viktor Medvedchuk


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