The first "Global Taiwan Business Forum" hosted by the Liberty Times was held at the Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel yesterday. Vice President Lai Ching-de (fourth from left) delivered a speech in person. Wang Xiqin, general manager of Sinosteel Corporation (from left), and chairman of Today Weekly attended the forum. Xie Jinhe, former US Secretary of State Mike.

Pompeo, Crystal Window founder Chen Qiugui, Liberty Times Chairman Lin Hongbang, World Taiwan Chamber of Commerce President Wang De, and Dae Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO Shen Qianci took a group photo.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

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This newspaper hosts the "Global Taiwan Business Forum" // Pompeo calls for free countries to decouple from China

The first "Global Taiwan Business Forum" hosted by the Liberty Times was held in Kaohsiung yesterday. Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Taiwan for the second time this year and was invited to give a speech.

He pointed out that China does not respect the rule of law and steals intellectual property, countries that pursue freedom should decouple from China in trade, and Taiwan and the United States should continue to cooperate to accelerate new relations with Southeast Asia; he emphasized that the trade controls imposed by the United States on China represent The economic status quo that has favored China in the past is changing.

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For details, see "Global Taiwan Business Forum" hosted by this newspaper // Pompeo calls for free countries to decouple from China.

Abe's state funeral, my delegation rolls name to Taiwan

The funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was held at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on the afternoon of the 27th. About 4,300 representatives from home and abroad participated. The members of the Taiwan delegation were ranked among the "national representatives" and were called "Taiwan". Su Jiaquan, president of the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association, said that he felt that although Abe was far away from us, Japanese people from all walks of life still had deep feelings for Taiwan.

For details, please refer to Abe's State Funeral. My delegation rolls the name to Taiwan.

Procurement of quick screening reagents involved in corruption by the KMT-affiliated Xinfeng Township Mayor detained

In Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County, the procurement of quick screening reagents and the appointment of personnel of the cleaning team involved frauds, and the township office was inspected and searched honestly, and the Kuomintang member Xinfeng Township Chief Xu Qiuze, Chief Secretary Liu Jiayou, Civil Affairs Section Chief Xu Caifeng, manufacturers and witnesses were detained and notified. A total of 29 people were involved, and relevant evidence was seized at the same time. Among them, Xu Qiuze and five others were interrogated yesterday, and the Hsinchu prosecutor's arrest was granted on the grounds of serious corruption.

For details, please refer to the detention of the Xinfeng Township Head of the Kuomintang-affiliated Xinfeng Township for the Procurement of Quick Screening Reagents.

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In case of a large number of foreign capital withdraw Yang Jinlong: foreign exchange control will be adopted

The U.S. aggressively raised interest rates and global geopolitical risks have heated up.

Central Bank President Yang Jinlong said in the Legislative Yuan yesterday that in the event of a large amount of funds withdrawing, foreign exchange control measures will be adopted;

In case of a large number of foreign capital withdrawing from Yang Jinlong: foreign exchange control will be adopted.

Legislators approve interventional mirror TV case, the court denies it

The Legislative Yuan questioned the general question yesterday. Chen Jiaohua, a legislator of Times Power, released the recording file of last year's Mirror TV shareholder meeting, pointing out that the recording file was the voice of Pei Wei, the then chairman of Mirror TV. She questioned the government's high-level pressure on the National Communications and Communications Commission (NCC). , Political power is involved in the application of the mirror TV application; in the recording, Pei Wei pointed out that the review of the mirror TV is "the will of the president, who will be the chief executive, this case still has to be passed", and mentioned the former secretary-general of the DPP Hong Yaofu It is the representative of "prefectural people".

For details, please refer to Legislative Council's approval of interventional mirror TV case court's denial.

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The third fell to the eldest Zheng Shenchi and Zhang Guowei, the younger brother sent to disintegrate the Changrong family change and ended ahead of schedule

The plot of the Evergreen Group's family change took a turn for the worse. Due to the serious disagreement between the "younger faction" over whether to support Xingyu Airlines, Zhang Rongfa's third son, Zhang Guozheng, switched to the "older brother faction", Zhang Guohua, and the alliance of the younger brother faction collapsed instantly. Yesterday, he took the lead in resigning as the chairman of Evergreen International, and "Little K" Zhang Guowei also resigned as chairman of Uni Air. The three brothers shook hands and made peace, announcing that the dispute over the management rights that had lasted for more than half a year had come to an end.

For details, please refer to the eldest brother Zheng Shenchi and Zhang Guowei's double speeches, and the disintegration of the Evergreen family ended ahead of schedule.

Chen Shizhong urgently cuts Zhou Yukou and ordered three non-bleeding

The famous Taipei mayoral election campaign, Zhou Yukuo, who shouted "I love Ah Chung", has attacked the old scandal of Kuomintang candidate Jiang Wanan's father for several days.

Chen's campaign team received a call from supporters and received a soft response, so they held a public opinion meeting and set out the "three nos" principles of no intervention, no attack, and no operation to stop the bleeding.

For details, see Chen Shizhong's urgent cutting of Zhou Yukou's ordering of three non-bleeding.

The state funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was held at the Tokyo Budokan on the afternoon of the 27th. Representative of the Taiwan delegation in Japan, Hsieh Changting, President of the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association, Su Jiaquan, and former Legislative President Wang Jinping came to the stage to lay flowers.

(Photo by Special Commissioner Lin Cuiyi in Japan)

The purchase of quick-screening reagents involved corruption, and the mayor of Xinfeng, Xu Qiuze, took him into custody.

(taken from the official website of Xinfeng Township Office)