• Manipulation

The mass media of the Russian Federation reported that during another sermon, Moscow Patriarch Kirill called on all believers to strengthen their faith and to "spiritually mobilize" all their forces, expressing the hope that this will contribute to the complete reconciliation of Russia and Ukraine.

  • Misinformation

The deputy of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation A. Turchak stated that "the results of the referendums are obvious to everyone, their legitimacy is not in doubt... and the voting in the referendums took place freely and openly, despite the efforts of the Kyiv regime to disrupt it."

  • Misinformation

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, stated that "the situation with the export of grain from Ukraine is a complete deception, [because] grain from Ukraine continues to pass by the poorest countries... [thus] the West is provoking a global food crisis, and under these conditions, the Russian Federation must ensure its food security ".

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