Zheng Yunpeng was in quarantine due to the confirmed diagnosis, and the recent campaign and election activities were represented by "human-shaped stand", which unexpectedly sparked discussions.

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[Reporter Zheng Shuting/Taoyuan Report] DPP Taoyuan mayor candidate Zheng Yunpeng was quarantined due to a confirmed diagnosis. The rally on the 24th and the activities in the past few days were changed to "human-shaped standing signs". I did not expect the standing signs to be more popular than myself. , Zheng Yunpeng said with a smile, "I feel full of jealousy." It seems that everyone has a sense of freshness, and it is understandable that this is an extraordinary period. Thank you for your understanding.

Zheng Yunpeng said that the campaign conference on the 24th gave them a lot of encouragement. Friends from all walks of life and different regions in Taoyuan are willing to stand together. He believes that this is also an affirmation of the good achievements of President Tsai Ing-wen and Mayor Zheng Wencan in the construction of Taoyuan, and hopes to continue Eight years after the golden year, he believed that the first game was a success. Since he could only participate by video, so many people were able to attend, which also showed that the overall Taoyuan team's credibility and attractiveness were strong.