The story of the terrorist attack at the Izhevsk school could have been inspired in order to divert attention from

the mobilization

in Russia, from the mass dissatisfaction of the population,

in particular in Dagestan.

Ivan Stupak, a former employee of the SBU, an expert at the Institute of the Future, told about this on Channel 24.

"This story with the school made headlines, and Dagestan is already on the sidelines, at least in the Russian segment of the Internet. This is my guess. Russian propaganda and the Kremlin are working to keep the mobilization as tight as possible, and smooth the corners as much as possible, so that there is no story , as, for example, in Iran (protests - ed.). But we need to look at the development of events, then we will understand what it really was," he noted.

According to him,

Russia could well have resorted to provocation

, because in its history there have already been such incidents as, for example, the blowing up of buildings in Moscow and other cities, as a result of which there was a war in Chechnya. 

"But if Yarosh's business card is found, then everything will be clear. For Russian politicians, human sacrifices are small things on the way to great power and big money," he summarized.

We will remind, on September 26,

an armed man in black clothes entered school No. 88 in the Russian city of Izhevsk, where he opened fire with two pistols, as a result of which students and adults died.

After the crime, the attacker shot himself in one of the classrooms of the educational institution. 

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