Xiluoguo Vegetable Market is the largest wholesale market in the country.

(Photo by reporter Huang Shuli)

[Reporter Huang Shuli/Yunlin Report] The operation facility and equipment plan for the cold chain logistics area of ​​Xiluo fruit and vegetable market was launched today. Zheng Linghui, chairman of the Agricultural Products Market Company and mayor of the town, attended the meeting.

Zheng Linghui pointed out that the Xiluo fruit and vegetable market covers an area of ​​10 hectares and is the largest wholesale market in the country. It was relocated to the current site in 1997. Many facilities and equipment need to be replaced urgently. , The roof is replaced and installed with solar panels to improve market ventilation and cooling, saving 10,000 to 200,000 yuan in electricity bills per month.

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Zheng Linghui said that after a preliminary inventory of hardware projects to be repaired, including the improvement of high-voltage substations, the improvement of sub-meter equipment and pipelines, parking management, and fire-fighting pipelines, the estimated cost is about 647 million yuan.

Liu Jianguo said that due to the epidemic, the entire planning schedule was delayed. He thanked the Agricultural Committee for its full support in the first phase. In the second phase, Chairman Chen and the Agricultural Committee team also discussed every detail with the office, so that Western The Luoguo Vegetable Market is not only the largest wholesale market in the country, but also an international wholesale market in Taiwan.

Chen Jizhong said that the green energy solar panels have been implemented in the Xiluoguo Vegetable Market under the efforts of Commissioner Liu and Mayor Zheng. The lighting and electromechanical equipment are related to safety. The required project cost is more than 70 million yuan, and the Agricultural Committee will fully support it.

Chen Jizhong emphasized that the most important thing is the second phase of the project, from the quality of the cold chain, the improvement of agricultural products to the safety, and the remaining materials of fruits and vegetables to achieve net zero. The Agricultural Committee will discuss and plan with the Xiluo Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market team. , as soon as possible next year.

The plan of operating facilities and equipment in the cold chain logistics area of ​​Xiluoguo Vegetable Market was launched today.

(Photo by reporter Huang Shuli)

Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Agricultural Committee, promised that the subsidy of the Agricultural Committee would be absolutely in place.

(Photo by reporter Huang Shuli)