People tend to like doing the same thing over and over.

Follow the life schedule routine.

Not much will change

Like this American woman

In the state of North Carolina, the United States, where the original is not distorted.

Stop by the old gas station and buy snacks at the convenience store inside the station.

Marcia Finney, 44, from Shelby, said: “That day was just like any other day.

I drove to the gas station and was looking to buy some potato chips to take home.

It appears that when I arrived, the convenience store was closed. What should I do?

I wanted to eat some snacks, so I drove to look for it until I found Mike Food Store on Earl Road in the city.”

At that time, when I flashed it up, it was the wrong schedule.

Try to buy a lottery. What will happen?

pick up one brand

Spectacular Riches cost 25 US dollars, or about 900 baht and start scratching immediately.

The lottery result made me rub my eyes several times.

Why does the prize have so many zeros?

Set up a good count.

Won a prize of 100,000 dollars or more than 3.6 million baht. I'm very happy. I have money to buy my own house.